A Member-at-Large is a member that does not belong to a Chapter. Contact the Extension Chair for further information.
The Extension Chair whose contact information is in the current issue of the MOAA newsletter – Communications as well as Board Members.
The last full week at the end of April (or first week of May) prior to the annual conference and the AGM. MOA week is provincial recognition of all medical office assistants.
This years conference will be held April 8th and 9th at the Ramada Plaza Abbotsford Hotel & Conference Centre. CLICK HERE for Conference information.
From the MOAA of BC website. Communications or at Chapter meetings.
Annual dues of $50 are to be paid by January 1.
As a member in good standing you can advertise on the website, go to Chapter meetings and network.
Use the MOAA of BC website to advertise job vacancies. Members in good standing seeking employment are also listed there.
Join a Chapter, take on a position – and never say no! To take on a position at the Chapter level and Provincial level, you must be a member for at least one year.
CLICK HERE to connect with the Provincial President of our Association.
This area needs a passcode to enter. Members contact your Chapter President for the passcode. Members-at-Large, contact the Extension Chair. This passcode will be changed annually and is written on your MOAA of BC membership card.

CLICK HERE and get started on your application.