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Message from the President:

We want to thank all of the front line and essential workers, who are working tirelessly on our behalf. We thank the doctors, nurses, staff working at the Covid clinics. But we also want to say thank you for the grocery store staff, the coffee shops, the delivery drivers, the janitors, too many to name, but we see you and we support you, a big thank you for all that you are doing on behalf of all of us.

We so appreciate you, we could not get through this without you.

The rest of us, are living in a new normal. Some of us are either working from home, some working alone in an office with Telehealth, or working longer hours than normal, or for some this may mean not working at all. Please reach out to people who may need your help who may not ask for help.  

We’re hopeful that by everyone working together and taking temporary extra precautions, we will make a difference in preventing the further spread of this new virus.

We encourage you to stay safe, take care of each other and to continue safe practices. Please check in on housebound or elderly people who may need your assistance at this time.

Stay safe and healthy, & wash your hands! 

                                              Respectfully, Marion Sherback
                                              Provincial President MOAA of BC


Thank you to all of our sponsors for Conference 2019

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